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Rival Stars College Football is a game that gives you your very own college Football team. Your duties include scouting for new talent, creating a book of unbeatable plays, improving your college campus, and creating strategic alliances with other universities.

During the games, you’ll have to make important decisions about the plays that could either lead to your team’s success or failure. Sometimes, you have to risk a lot to earn a lot, but other times it is best to play it safe.

In your off time, you can hire new players or acquire new tactics. The more money you invest in new talent, the greater your chances of hiring true star athletes for your team. On the other hand, you could spend that money improving your stadium, the possibilities are endless and decision is ultimately up to you.

Rival Stars College Football is an incredibly entertaining football game by the same creators who brought you Rival Stars Basketball. The game is full of content and great visuals.

Android 4.1 or greater required


The trial version works for three months.

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